Jeff Henry
CEO / Co-Founder

Jeff Henry oversees the daily management of CEI Composites focusing on winning new business, shaping new market opportunities, building a customer-centric team and culture, and of course- ensuring we can always deliver what we sell.  Jeff is a current member of the MCM Fabricators Council and the Manchester, MI Chamber of Commerce. Self-proclaimed perfectionist, devoted husband, and father of two, he enjoys downhill skiing, water sports, golf, and most of all vacations with his family.

I have four main business philosophies: Work harder than everyone else; assume nothing; always do what you say you will do, and be honest no matter what. Success to me is about being happy and enjoying what you do.

Jason Sherrill
COO / Co-Founder

Jason Sherrill oversees the operations at CEI Composites ensuring top quality and consistency across all products, while keeping production lean and efficient. When not in our facility, you can find him at a job site making sure we meet or exceed expectations and delivering a memorable client experience.  Jason is a current member of the MCM Fabricators Council and is actively involved in the youth department at his church. He’s a dedicated father demonstrating a healthy lifestyle through hiking and outdoor sports and instilling the value of hard work and a positive attitude.

Success is watching our team grow through positive interactions and an understanding that we are part of something larger than ourselves. Believing in and encouraging individuals towards excellence has allowed us to become a cohesive unit- creating personal relationships along our journey.

Meet The Team Leads

Kendall Jones
Estimating Manager

Kendall Jones has been with CEI from the beginning. As the Estimating Manager, he oversees our team of estimators ensuring we provide accurate takeoffs and bids to potential clients. When not bicycling on the weekends, Kendall enjoys watching basketball or investing in stocks.

When you take a step back and really understand all that goes into our finished product- from estimating and project management, to design, fabrication, and installation; it's truly rewarding to visit the jobsites of in-progress or completed projects and appreciate how valuable every person's contribution is.

Kenneth Haller
Production Manager

Kenneth Haller oversees the scheduling and manages production at our CEI facility. Before CEI, he worked with founders Jeff and Jason on various projects for nearly 10 years. Impressed with the level of commitment Jeff and Jason have to the success of CEI, Kenneth joined the CEI team in 2013.

To me, success is what we accomplish together. If you set your sites on a goal and be present in the journey, the rewards will take care of themselves.

Nicholas Sodt
Director of Project Management

Nicholas Sodt joined CEI in 2014 and has been ensuring CEI delivers the product they promised ever since. Nicholas oversees the project management team and directly manages CEI's large projects. He is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management.

Niki Trotter-Karll
Design Manager

Niki Trotter-Karll joined CEI in 2015 as a Design Engineer and was promoted to Design Manager within 2 years. With 12 years of industry experience, Niki works with the production and project management teams to help oversee CEI’s panel designs and ensure that lead deadlines are met. She is a wife, mother, avid gardener, and writer – who also enjoys fishing and long-distance running.

My work ethic is the principle behind my ambition to excel and further cultivate the growth of CEI's Design Department.