Aluminum Plate Panels

Plate Panels are fabricated out of aluminum.

Aluminum Plate & Perforated Panels | CEI Materials - alum0

Aluminum Plate panels offer the flatness and stiffness of MCM but with the dent resistance and recyclability of sheet metal. Aluminum plate panels are available in conjunction with the following CEI Materials attachment systems: R3000, R4000, W5000, E1000, CL100, CL200, CL300 (Note: Not available with C2000)

CEI Materials offers 1/8” thick aluminum that can be fashioned into complex shapes for an attractive and creative appearance. Their flatness and stiffness guarantee high wind resistance and can be installed using screws, rivets or hidden fixation systems. These panels can be easily and finely bent or milled with sharp edges and thin angles and are ideal for enhanced stability and use in large cassette and panel applications. 

Aluminum plate is excellent for facades with highly technical, visual and sustainable requirements.