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Midwest School Displays Signature Colored And Modern Exterior Design
Kearney High School in Nebraska was designed by the architects at Wilkins ADP using a “Small Learning Community (SLC)” format which provides shared spaces to encourage problem solving and collaboration between students. The architects explain, “The building layout is designed to provide natural daylighting to as many instructional spaces as possible and provide a separation between the academic focused part of the building and the more public and community focused part of the building.”
Music Venue Restoration Breathes New Life Into Historic Portland With Metal And Brick Facade
Portland’s live music scene is thriving with an abundance of venues that bring national acts to the masses. A “fixture,” as the contractors at Consigli describe, in downtown Portland was the concert venue Asylum. Located in Portland’s historic downtown district, the 1960s nightclub was in desperate need of renovation.
Company Headquarters Modern Expansion Features Metal Enveloped Façade
With the growth of their company, particularly the Internet services division, Midwest Energy sought an updated facility. The result was a 129,000 square-foot facility in Cassopolis, Michigan. The 82-acre site meets the needs of the company by providing a two-story office complex, a warehouse, vehicle and material storage facilities and a maintenance building.
LEED Silver Gymnasium Boasts Beautiful Glass And Metal Exterior Design
The ICC CougarPlex LEED Silver athletic facility was built in 2011. The project consisted of a 54,000 square-foot addition and a 9,000 renovation of an existing 1970s gymnasium. The old gymnasium coined the “Lo-Ram”, an abbreviation for the Lorene Ramsey Gymnasium, received a makeover at its home at Illinois Central College. The over 15 million dollar project was spearheaded by the architects at PSA Dewberry and the general contractors at Leander Construction.
Small Mixed Use Residential Property Wows Allston/Brighton Neighborhood With Metal And Brick Facade
The small mixed-use residential space at 442 Cambridge Street in Allston, MA was once the site of a popular karaoke studio, the DoReMi. The plans for the site were filed with the Boston Redevelopment Authority where the proposal by the Arcand Family/Allston LLC sought to demolish the nearly two-decade-old studio. Additionally, the proposal included a small residential property that was used for office space to make way for the new 50,000 square-foot building.

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