What Contributes To The Automotive Markets Consistent Brand Image

One of the most recognized components of the corporate identity market is automotive design. The designs of these auto moguls like Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Buick, Hyundai, and Ford, produce the most consistent and most recognizable brands in the world. Part of this consistency is produced by the utilization of signature colors and modular techniques. 

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The signature colors of automotive brands are so important that aluminum composite manufacturers have dedicated custom color lines to these brands. By producing custom color options that directly match the brand, manufacturers can stock them in house to produce shortened lead times. A brand’s colors enable image compliance for a national program; another component of compliance is modularization.  

CEI Materials, Manchester, MI, Shop Talk Automotive CID

Pre-engineered structures are produced off site and enable a plethora of benefits in this market including shortened lead times and reduced costs. These prefabricated structures include large exterior components such as entryways and drastically reduce on-site waste. 

CEI Materials, Manchester, MI, Shop Talk Automotive CID

Modularizing structures allows the use of the same material and system producing a consistent result. This type of engineering leaves little room for human error, as their design has been effectively proven prior to assembly in a controlled environment. The ability of exterior components off-site allows for these elements to be designed, tested, fabricated and engineered independently. 

CEI Materials, Manchester, MI, Shop Talk Automotive CID

CEI Materials is a leader in the automotive market, specializing in the fabrication of modular entry elements in-house. This expertise has been seen across the nation, focusing on ensuring a compliant result. 

CEI Materials, Manchester, MI, Shop Talk Automotive CID

CEI certifies that the design intent is preserved by our compliance to the requirements of the guide specifications as stipulated by the client. This distinction was acquired through effective communications and by producing designs that adhere to or exceed the metal panel façade/cladding specification standards for each and every CID program.

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Attachment System Used:  W5000 Series

CEI Materials' W5000 Route & Return Silicone Joint Panel Systems offer a weather tight economical assembly utilizing a closed cell backer rod, structural silicone joint and hidden fasteners. The non-progressive design offers installation versatility.

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