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Inventive Dimensions: Architects Design Multifamily LA Housing With A Custom CNC Cut Perforated Aluminum Façade
Los Angeles has an abundance of single-family homes. Although gaining more momentum, its multi-family residential properties are not as prominent. The problem of course being space, the ability to fit these developments into “awkward spatial contexts,” as Sam Lubell of Metropolis Magazine describes.
Renowned Architect Builds Reflective Twisted Tower In The South Of France
Renowned, and often controversial, architect Frank Gehry is no stranger to extraordinary facades. Staking his claim on the architectural world, Gehry has recognizable designs around the globe, never afraid nor apologetic for his bold style. The Canadian-American, award-winning, architect has a new building set to open in 2020 that features an undulating design. The Luma Arles complex, sits in the south of France, with a façade clad in reflective aluminum tiles.
Inventive Dimensions: Apartment Complex Wows With Stunning Perforated Aluminum Balconies
The apartment complex on L’Ile-Saint-Denis in Paris features undulating balconies composed of perforated metal. Designed by Peripheriques Marin+Trottin and Jumeau Architectes, the project overlooks the Seine river. Major construction is underway on L’Ile-Saint-Denis in anticipation for the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games.
Inventive Dimensions: Turkish Headquarters Wows With Crafted Metal Façade
What goes into producing an extraordinary façade? Outside of the architect’s vision, it takes an extensive team to take a three-dimensional design from conception to construction. The S20SB headquarters and conference hall is a wondrous example of iconic architecture. Façade metal fabricator, Kasso, was responsible for the building’s engineering and fabrication.

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