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With CEI Materials you get more than just a pretty facade.

We want to be your basis of design; your fabricator of choice, your partner in design. That’s what makes us different. With CEI Materials you get a team of design-build experts working with you every step of the way from conception to installation. We help you select the best surfaces and systems, offer design assistance, estimating, project management and 3D modeling as well as fabricating the beautiful, durable surfaces you need to bring your vision to life.

Metal Composite Materials (MCM) Panels
Metal Composite Materials (MCM) Panels

MCM is corrosion-resistant, lightweight and rigid, exceptionally flat, daringly formable and distinctively colorful. MCM Panel Systems provide numerous advantages, such as strength, durability, competitive price, and ease of installation. By utilizing CEI Materials Rainscreens and Route & Return Wet Joint Systems, clients are able to broaden architectural horizons.

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High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Panels
High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Panels

HPL panels are scratch, impact, and weather resistant, color stable, solid and sturdy, and offer low maintenance as the dense HPL surface limits dirt accumulation. High Density Phenolic panels are constructed with wood fibers, reinforced with thermosetting resins and manufactured under high pressure (HPL). This perfect blend of durability and longevity, along with a broad range of colors, finishes and tactile effects enable concept to meet solution.

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CLADLOK™ Modular Panels
CLADLOK™ Modular Panels

CLADLOK™ can be dimensional, tapered, perforated or embossed, They can also be painted, anodized and patinated; processes only metal components can endure. These modular panel systems offer a variety of architecturally appealing façade options not seen with your typical rainscreen systems. The design opportunities are limitless.

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Aluminum Plate Panels
Aluminum Plate Panels

Aluminum Plate panels offer the flatness and stiffness of MCM but with the dent resistance and recyclability of sheet metal. This material can be formed into limitless profile options and is available in numerous colors and finishes and is excellent for facades with highly technical, visual and sustainable requirements.

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Leading Manufacturer of Architectural Surfaces

CEI Materials’ architectural facade surfaces are the preferred building component for commercial, residential, retail, and industrial buildings. Our surfaces are not only ideal for decorative purposes, combining brilliant surface design with excellent building materials, they provide the architect a variety of creative possibilities to stand out, blend in, or create new energy within the community.

Tested Systems & Code Compliance

All systems at CEI Materials are tested to ASTM and AAMA standards and are NFPA 285 compliant. It should be noted that NFPA 285 is a wall assembly test, not a product test, and that not all fabricators have invested in this test.

Why Make CEI Materials the Basis of Your Design?
Fully Tested Systems

It is paramount that cladding systems meet and exceed all project specific requirements for performance and adherence to local & International Building Code standards. Depending on the system chosen, CEI Materials will clearly identify what tests and procedures were completed internally and with third party assistance.


CEI Materials’ use of sophisticated technologies assist the architect in creating a customized panel and high performance rainscreen system. CEI Materials will  determine the precise panel dimensions, virtually eliminating human error on a building exterior. We possess in-house engineering capabilities and have an extensive knowledge of building science, code compliance and constructability. 

Quality Assurance

A proven quality process enables the CEI Materials to reduce lead times while delivering accurate, high quality facade solutions. Qualified to handle the most complex construction challenges, our design team is well equipped, to anticipate potential problems and solutions before fabrication begins and through to project completion.

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