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Corporation Builds On-Site Childcare Facility For Employees In Benton Harbor
The new Whirlpool Early Childhood Development Center is a new $8 million project by the Whirlpool Corporation. The employer sponsored childcare facility was constructed to assist Whirlpool’s working families and continue their “commitment to create an attractive workplace.” The Whirlpool Corp took an employee survey to determine the growing need of an on-site childcare facility in the Benton Charter Township-Benton Harbor-St. Joseph area.
Architects Design Stunning Housing Development In Downtown Owensboro, KY
In downtown Owensboro, KY a revitalization is underway. With the expansion, new luxury housing options was a must, prompting the commission of Hafer Design to design The Enclave at Riverfront Living. The mixed-use residential building features five condominiums with a large penthouse on the upper level. The remaining structure includes multiple restaurants with expansive outdoor seating.
Vermont's Largest Automotive Dealership Receives Massive Sustainable Expansion
Vermont’s largest automotive dealership, The Heritage Automotive Group, received a massive expansion in order to accommodate their growing automotive service, sales and parts delivery services. With a presence in the Vermont community since 1994, the Group employs over 350 employees. In 2012, the team embarked on a multi-phase, multi-building expansion that included the new Heritage Toyota Parts and Service building.
Michigan Hospital Receives Much Needed Renovation And Expansion To Modernize Facility
The Hills & Dale General Hospital has been a pillar in the Cass City, Michigan community for nearly 60 years. However, the hospital was in need of renovation, updating and expansion. As healthcare needs change, hospitals are required to modernize their facilities, allowing better quality experiences for patients. For the extensive renovation, Ghafari Associates were commissioned for design and implementation.
Modern Arizona Church Showcases Contemporary Design To Parish And Community
Religious or sacred architecture are some of the most cherished buildings in the world. The construction of places of worship has a long-standing history in humanity where each culture puts an enormous amount of resources into their creation. Meant to last a considerable amount of time, some of the earliest examples of religious architecture are still standing.

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