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How Modern Fabricators Contribute to the Ever-Evolving Architectural Process
As previously outlined, the processes developed and executed by the modern fabricator are both innovative and ever-changing. The critical area of fabrication is no different as it requires well-thought-out processes and continuous quality system monitoring to ensure success.
Celebrating National Women In Construction Week And The Women At CEI Materials
According to current research from The National Association of Women in Construction, women make up 47% of the total employed workforce in the US. Conversely, that number falls to 11% in the construction market overall and even lower for those involved in non-traditional roles such as production. It is projected that in 2022 we will see considerable growth in new construction industry jobs, and companies will be looking to recruit more women.
The Next Key Step In The Modern Fabricator Process: Technological Innovation
Historically technology innovation in the construction market has trailed other industries due to financial commitment and equipment needs. There are many reasons why the use of technology has dramatically changed the way modern buildings are designed. Technology continues to develop at an amazing rate such that the various stakeholders must keep pace with this constantly evolving dynamic. Technology has created a new design process with metrics brought about by such innovations as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more in-depth data collection.
The First Key Steps In The Modern Fabricator Process: Design Assist, Estimation, and Project Management
For the fabricator to handle the most complex construction challenges, and still deliver the highest quality products, a well thought out and tested process and workflow needs to be in place. At CEI Materials, we have created such a process with personnel that are well-equipped to anticipate and overcome potential design issues that may arise well before any fabrication takes place.
How The Modern Fabricator Is A Trusted Partner In Mandated Testing Performance
Mandated testing performance is one of the most important issues in building construction and demands continuous monitoring and adaption to keep up with new and innovative products and techniques. This emergence has changed the status quo at an amazing rate, driven by both technology and societal demands. The modern fabricator must be fully aware of this multi-faceted environment and adapt his products and technologies to address them.

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